“Why we need supplements”

o   Poor quality of our food supply
o   High stress lifestyles
o   Poor quality or not enough sleep
o   High amount of toxins in our air, food, water and bodies
o   Feel Better & Function Better
o   Nutritional deficiencies
o   Help improve;
o   Joint pain
o   Mood
o   Memory
o   Energy
o   Help prevent disease
o   Process hormones efficiently
o   Rid the body of harmful toxins
o   Help with healthy aging
o   Support the body’s enzyme functions

You may wonder if you really need a nutritional supplement, the answer is YES. In a perfect world, no one would need supplements, however; because of the poor quality of our food, high stress lifestyles, poor quality sleep, not enough sleep, and high amounts of toxins in our air, food, water and bodies most of us do really need a few supplements. Adding supplements can help our bodies feel and function their best. Today, nearly all of us need at least a high-quality multivitamin and mineral supplement.

When deficiencies are corrected, joint pain can be eased, mood improved, memory sharper and energy increased. Taking high quality medical grade supplements will help your body prevent disease, process hormones efficiently, rid the body of harmful toxins and help with healthy aging.

In America, we are overfed, obese and undernourished. This can lead to difficulty thinking, scurvy, severe vitamin D deficiency or rickets. Even with processed enriched foods – 92% of Americans are deficient in at least one vitamin or mineral. Many medications, prescription or OTC block essential vitamins and nutrients and inhibit the body’s ability to absorb essential vitamins and nutrients leading to long term complications such as early Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis. Vitamins and nutrients support the body’s enzyme functions and chemical reactions in your body.

In a USDA survey 75% of us do not get enough zinc, 37% do not get enough Vitamin C, 40% do not get enough iron and likely 100% of us don’t have enough of the very basic nutrients to feel and function our best. The USDA list the amount of a nutrient or mineral you need to prevent a deficiency, however your body may require more to feel and function at optimal health.

Where can you get high quality pharmaceutical grade supplements?

Right here in our office or by visiting these links:

Biotics             Xymogen 

Why should you take high quality pharmaceutical grade supplements?

o   Consistency of the supplement is checked from batch to batch
o   Gluten free
o   Active forms of the nutrients
o   No artificial binders
o   No Fillers
o   No additives
o   No preservatives
o   No artificial coloring
o   No known common allergens
o   3rd party tested
o   Free of GMO’s

Not all supplements are created equal! Did you know buying cheap Fish Oil may contain rancid or oxidized fish or fish not screened for mercury, in that case you may cause more harm than good. It is very important to choose high quality and effective medical grade vitamins and supplements. Our manufacturers of our supplements only sell to Practitioners. We caution you to beware of purchasing 3rd party online sites-issues may arise from supplements that were exposed to high heat, expired or even knock-offs. Xymogen and Biotics, our supplement lines, carried here at SCFWH and VHFM, are very careful about quality and sourcing of the raw materials used in the products we choose to carry. The consistency of the supplement is checked from batch to batch. Both company’s products are gluten free. They choose active forms of the nutrients, no artificial binders, fillers, additive, preservatives, no artificial coloring, no known common allergens.  Our supplement lines products are 3rd party tested and free of GMO’s. The products we carry have clinical studies, trials, and a long history of safe use.

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