HCG Weight Loss Program

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  • HCG Weight Loss (modernized version)
  • Lifestyle Weight Loss

Learn to make it a healthy lifestyle with your personal WEIGHT LOSS COACH and our step-by-step LIFESTYLE SYSTEM.

  • 30 Days prescription HCG (with HCG program)
  • Lose 15 – 30 lbs. in 30 days
  • Burns FAT not muscle
  • Targets stubborn belly fat
  • Converts fat to energy to support an active lifestyle
  • 3 meals & snacks daily
  • Delicious recipes to keep you satisfied
  • Meal planning and food prepping strategies
  • Rid carb and sugar cravings
  • Resets metabolism and assists with long term weight management

Our comprehensive approach to weight loss involves addressing lifestyle factors as well as providing a sound nutrition plan with prescription strength HCG and your personal WEIGHT LOSS COACH to ensure your success. Our unique fat-burning program incorporates a proven step-by- step “Lifestyle System” that will not only help you effectively shed unwanted pounds quickly and safely; they will provide the necessary tools, nutritional counseling and support to restore health, balance and vitality.

ONLY in the presence of HCG, is the body able to transform abnormally stored fat into 2,000 – 4,000 calories a day to ensure proper nourishment and muscle sparing. Attempting weight loss through calorie restriction alone would cause the loss of lean muscle tissue.



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