About our Lifestyle & Wellness Program

“Our lifestyle & wellness educator creates an individualized program based on the functional medicine principles. The Function Medicine approach gets to the root cause of any imbalances in your life by shifting the traditional disease centered focus to a more patient-centered approach. Addressing the patient as a whole not just treating a specific set of symptoms.

Our lifestyle & wellness program is a physician supervised program that evaluates the following;

· Sleep
· Skin
· Allergies
· Lungs
· Digestive Tract
· Joints & Muscles
· Weight
· Energy/Activity
· Mental Function
· Emotions
· Immune System
· Lifestyle Goals
· Wellness Goals

We incorporate the use of;

· Pharmaceutical grade Supplements

· Detoxes

· Specialized and individualized protocols

· Labs

· RJL Scan (measures)

o Lean body mass

o Fat mass

o Hydration at an intercellular level

o Phase angle (cellular health)

Our Lifestyle & Wellness program helps with the following ailments;

· Digestive disorders

o Leaky gut


o Chronic Constipation

o Crohn’s Disease

o Colitis


· Auto Immune Diseases

o Rheumatoid Arthritis

o Lupus

o Hashimoto’s Disease

· We offer natural treatments for

o Thyroid disorders

o Depression

o Anxiety

· We offer testing & treatment for

o Micronutrient Deficiencies

o Food Sensitivities

· We offer treatment for

o Chronic Migraines

o Adrenal dysfunction & fatigue

o Chronic fatigue syndrome

o Fibromyalgia

· Other services offered

o Medical detoxification

o Specialized diets

o Ketogenic diets

o General Wellness program

*most insurances accepted

**Referral from one of our providers is required before seeing our lifestyle & wellness educator”

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