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I came to Functional Medicine and Julie Henderson through Dr. Webb's office and referral. Following a difficult menopause, I was overweight, in constant all-over joint discomfort, had extreme difficulty falling and staying asleep, was continuing to have hot flashes, and was constantly sluggish to the point of inertia. To make matters worse, my immune system was breaking down, and I was no longer able to fight off colds and bronchitis. I spent December through February so sick that I had to use an inhaler and take antibiotics and cough medicine. I blamed my overall body and joint pain and weakness on a teenage spinal injury that had been continually inflamed over the years by car accidents and ergonomic injuries. In the heat of the summer, I could barely function inside much less outside. Even mentally I was slower than usual and had a difficult time motivating to do physical activities like housecleaning, grocery shopping or entertaining. We had devolved into dining out every night. I felt utterly defeated.

I have been a patient of Dr. Webb's for about 28 years, since my mid-20s, and he's ushered me through the birth of my daughter and on through menopause. I trust him implicitly. So when he suggested I see his Certified Health Coach Julie Henderson, I knew he had grown concerned and had my best interest at heart.

Julie did a thorough assessment, put me on an organic, soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free Elimination Eating plan as the start to a multi-phase process of restoring my vigor and sense of wellness. I have been steadfast in following all principals of this program because honestly, it's incredibly easy. She also has adjusted my supplements.

The impact in just this first phase has been quite literally life-altering.
My joint pain? Gone. Inability to fall asleep? Gone. I have dropped nearly 10 pounds without even trying to diet. I do not weigh, measure or calorie count my food. I eat better tasting and more appealing food than I have in 20 years of yo-yo dieting. Hot flashes have literally vanished. And here's the best part, I feel like I have boundless energy, even outside in the middle of an Arizona July. Last night I practically skipped a mile to our car following a Dbacks game. The heat didn't faze me even a little. Our friends literally didn't recognize me. They couldn't even keep up with me. My friend said, "Who is this Ellen? She usually is the one trailing behind."

This week I'm going to start the detox phase of the program. I'm so psyched because I know I'm going to be feeling even better.

So do I endorse this program? 100% and more.

Ellen J. Nusbaum   

Starting back in November 2015, I started to have inflammation and joint pain. I went to see my PCP and he referred me directly to a Rheumatologist. I did all the test and the Rheumatologist ordered and came back with unexplained inflammation. The Rheumatologist diagnosed me as a seronegative rheumatoid arthritis and started treatment with a mild RA type drugs in January 2016. By mid-February, I had to use a wheelchair if there was any walking involved and couldn’t do most tasks like wash my own hair due to the inflammation. The first drugs were not working so the PCP and Rheumatologist put me on pain medication, steroids, and a different RA drug every two weeks. On 3/23/16, U went to have my hormones tested at Dr. Webb’s office. Dr. Webb took a look at me, which I could barely walk on my own, and said I needed to see Julie Henderson, the wellness educator. I saw Julie that same day and she started me on a wellness program that included supplements and diet. Although my journey has been a long one, I could not be as far as I am today without the help of Julie. I don’t have the words to adequately express the appreciation I have for her. She has been thoughtful, caring and compassionate. Julie treats you like you’re a family member and does whatever she can to help you get better. As I write this letter of gratitude, it is the beginning of April 2017 and I am about 85% better. I owe it to Julie for keeping me strong and not judging any decisions I’ve made along the way. Julie empowers you to be your own doctor and do what is best for you. For all of you that are suffering auto-immune issues and are working on getting to the root cause, Julie is a wonderful nutritional and life coach to have on your team. She will help detox your system, provide the supplements needed to improve your health and guide you to others that are available to help you. Julie my family and I are very thankful you came into our lives and helped me to overcome my health issues. We wish you continued success with your patients and in your own Journey. P.S. A shout out goes to Dr. Webb for referring me to Julie.

Patty D.   

I had been diagnosed with a Hypothyroid Disease, Hashimotos over 3 years ago, I had been to several doctors to help me with my thyroid problems including weight gain, hair loss, and extreme fatigue. I had been put on so many medications, injections and diets which none worked and a waste of a lot of money. I was at the end of my rope when I was referred to Julie I was so tired of being tired that I thought if this doesn’t work nothing will. After my first visit with Julie and starting the plan that we discussed I was hopeful that this would work. After my first week of an overall lifestyle change I started to feel better. After the first 3 months, I lost 20 pounds my hair grew back and I’m able to run around with my 2 kids again. My thyroid is now under control and I feel better than ever, it’s been 8 months since I started the program with Julie and I’m 35 pounds lighter and have the energy and stamina I need to get through my day. I can’t thank Julie enough for the education she gave me to help me fight my auto immune disease, it has brought me back to life.

Michelle M   

I wanted to say "Many Thanks" for my new healthy eating life. My digestive system has never been happier. Even though I was so resistant, in the beginning, to any kind of change, I have to say that you were right. Your gentle persuasion, together with all the evidence you showed me convinced me to try your program. And now it is simply my healthy lifestyle! I know my overall health has been improved too because the results of my most recent lab tests showed great kidney and liver conditions, GREAT cholesterol levels, great thyroid numbers and diminished thyroid nodules. Thanks again for all your help. Hope to see you sometime in the spring.

Megs J.   

Below is my success story from the program you have recommended to me over the last 2 months.

Being a skeptic to most diets geared to fight food allergies, I was in turn slightly weary that changing my lifestyle around would actually make a difference. I took a leap a faith 2 months ago with the help of my wellness coach, Julie Henderson. By eliminating dairy, gluten, soy and sugars from my daily routine I've show immense changes in my joint, muscle pain and plaque psoriasis. After 2 months of being on this diet I feel 90% improvement without the help of prescription drugs. I am truly grateful for the help and guidance of Julie Henderson and my nurse practitioner, Janis Rustad for renewing my health.

Marina W.   
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